CITEC™ 10mm Disposable Clip Applier

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CITEC™ 10mm Disposable Clip Applier

10mm Disposable Clip Applier is intended to provide a means of ligation through an appropriately-sized trocar. It is intended for use on tubular structures or vessels wherever a metal ligating clip is indicated.

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Jaws angled 20° to facilitate visualization of anatiomic featues.

20 pcs of Medium/large size titanium ligation clips are pre-loaded in the device. 

The transparent shaft provides line of sight to the remaining clips.

The safety mechanism prevents the handle from being squeezed when last clip is fired and the empty jaws will not close to damage the tissue.

The shaft can rotate 360°smoothly by adjusting the rotation knob, to facilitate visualization and accurate placement. 

Ergonomic handle piece design for convenient manipulation.

ReferenceDescriptionSpecificationsClipsUnits/ Box
CIT-ML102010mm DisposableClip ApplierØ10 mm x 290mm20 titanium1
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