Environmental, Social and Governance

Environment Sustainability

● Protecting the environment and save natural recources are CITEC’s commitment. CITEC has obtained ISO14001:2015 certificate in 2022.

● Solar panels are installed on the roof of the building. In year 2023, 30% of the electricity we consumed are from the solar panels.

● To reduce the plastic used: reducing the size of individual valve’s pouch package; changing the valve kit’s pouch+blister tray package to blister box package. Thus we are able to achieve the goals as below:

To reduce the plastic used

● Public transportation is the first choice for company’s short business trip.

● Reduce the consumption of packaged water and install the direct drinking water dispenser in the company.

● Gradually turn to deliver the goods via electric vehicles to the port.

● Degradable material used on the product.

Environmental Sustainability

Social Responsibility

● Establish the practice base with local universities in the company.

● Provide short-term internship positions for students during the summer and winter holidays.

● Set up education funds and scholarships for the students in need of help.

● Donate products to local hospitals for the academic exchanges.

Social Responsibility

Occupational Health & Safety

CITEC strictly implement occupational health and safety management system according to ISO45001:2018 and obtain the certificate this year.

Actions taken:

√ Safety inspection system established, classified by periodic, regular, seasonal, professional and comprehensive inspection for different safety inspection targets.

√ Period lectures about fire prevention, safety & protection, safe use of electricity, waste sorting and recycling.,etc are hosted in the company.

√ Annual medical examination for every staff.

√ To maintain a good physical condition of employees, 30 minutes aerobic exercise is carried out every working day's afternoon.

√ Learning is a lifelong endeavor, and CITEC provide ongoing training and development programs for all the staff.

Goals achieved:

√ Occurance rate of fire disaster: 0%.

√ Incidents of accidental injury: 0.

√Disposal rate of solid waste based on regulation: 100%.

Occupational health and safety
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