Disposable Skin Stapler
CITEC™ Disposable Skin Stapler
CITEC™ Disposable Skin Stapler

CITEC™ Disposable Skin Stapler

CITEC™ Disposable Skin Stapler is preloaded with stainless steel staples to approximate free edges of skin from an incision or wound. The staples are intended to be removed once the wound has sufficiently healed.

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Product Details

+ Tiled type design and safety mechanism design,unique ratchet system, preventing jamming;

+ After stapling, the stapler can be withdrawn by any angle;

+ Indicator for the remain staples makes it easy to know and check the number of the remaining staples;

+ Indicator at the head of the stapler provides the guide for the suture of the wound;

+ Ergonomic and user friendly design;

+ Clear view on operating site;

+ Loaded staple is very close to the skin, the gap between the loaded staple and the skin is only 1mm, which can guarantee the vertical insertion of the staples into the suturing part and get the best suturing effect.

+ Iinside safety mechanism design can avoid mis-operatoin.

+ Medical grade 316L stainless steel staples.

+ Larger staple formation size: 7.5x4.5cm, makes it much more suitable for the suture of thick skin, skin with thick subcutaneous fat and skin with strong surface tension.

+ Tensile strength of the staples is larger. It is a regular rectangle with 90°after formation with stronger suture performance.

+ The component remover is available.

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