CITEC™ Disposable Trocars for Pediatric Laparoscopic Surgery

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CITEC™ Disposable Trocars for Pediatric Laparoscopic Surgery

CITEC™ Disposable Pediatric Trocar is designed and used with the 3mm instruments used in pediatric surgery. With this trocar, 3mm instruments and with our trainers it is possible to train pediatric surgery which, due to difference in size, further increases the difficulty of laparoscopic surgery. Recommended for LAPARO Advance ver. Pediatric.

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Low profile and less weight, specially designed for pediatric laparoscopic surgery.

Stainless steel cannula with thin wall and good rigidity, greatly reduce the incision and the damage to the abdominal wall.

Unique silicone fixator design, provide great retention force when instrument goes in and out. 

Flexible and durable seal maintain abdominal insufflation while accommodating instrument’s smooth insertion and extraction.


CITEC™ Disposable Pediatric Trocar

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3 x 50mm


CIT-PT-055 x 80mm10
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