CITEC™ IOS Integrated Endoscopy System

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CITEC™ IOS Integrated Endoscopy System

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CITEC™ IOS Integrated Endoscopy System, Integrated Endoscopy Camera System, Endoscopy System, Surgical Endoscope System


The IOS Integrated Endoscopy System is integrated of new type high definition camera, co2 insufflator, LED cold light source, monitor, storage and transmission function. Part of the camera is full hd camera, with full digital CCD camera, representing the highest level of minimally invasive surgery, with a high pixel 1920 x 1080p, Put the smallest, the subtle details appear in front of the user, with the powerful light sensitivity, even under adverse conditions, such as severe bleeding, the camera can also provide a compelling image.This is the first integrated machine with insufflator function in China.

Technical Data:

•Camera head interface:C-Mount

•Image sensor: 1/3 type, CCD sensor (scroll shutter)

•Color filter: RGB mode

•Scanning: Progressive scanning

•Aspect ratio: H16: V9

•Output video signal

                 HD output: HD-SDI(1 Line): 0.8Vp-p/ 75 ohms HD output

                DVI(1 Line): 1920*1080P 59.94/50/60.

                SD output: SD-VBS (1 Line): 1.0Vp-p/75 ohms SD output

•Resolution: 1080P

•Signal-noise ratio:≥50 dB

•Sensitivity: standard 2000Lux F7/3200k

•Injection pressure control range: 0.67 kPa ~ 4.00 kPa (5mmHg ~ 30mmHg)

•Injection pressure control accuracy: + 0.13kpa (1mmHg)

•Gas flow range: 0~30 L/min

•Cylinder pressure alarm value: 0.25Mpa (2.5bars, 3kgf/cm2)

•Pressure alarm value:≥33mmHg(4.40kpa)

•Over pressure alarm: + 2mmHg

•Release time of over pressure:≤10S

•Supplementary time:≤10S

•Accuracy of flow display: 10L/min + 2L/min;20L/min, 30L/min tolerances±20%

•Accuracy of gas consumption: 20%

•Output total luminous flux: at the time of 2.3 m fiber (guide beam), at the outlet

    of the guide beam, greater than 3501m

•Color temperature: 3000K~7000K

•Color index:≥90

•Light uniformity: 0.8

•illuminance over limit point:≤2


•Weight: 16.5KG

Standard Equipped:

 •CCD Camera head with C-mount adapt[  18S 22S  28S ...]

 •Coaxial line(Only used for CVBS output, external workstation)

 •DVL Cable

 •Power Cable

 •Fiber optic light cable

 •High pressure tube

 •Pressure valves unit

 •Insufflator tube with co2 filter

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