CITEC™ Q’750 CCD Endoscopy System

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CITEC™ Q’750 CCD Endoscopy System

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The endoscope camera system Q '750 is composed of the camera and the control part. The camera part is light weight, small size and low power consumption.Due to the high definition and high sensitivity of the sensor, the endoscope camera system Q '750 can also produce a true color image in a hostile environment.The endoscope camera system Q '750 can connect to the usual VIDEO devices and VHS VIDEO connection monitors.

Technical Data:

•CCD-sensor: 1/3"interline CCDx1

•With micro lens and color mosaic filter

•Resolution: ≥720TV lines .

•Min illumination: ≤lLux(F2.0)

•Signal/Noise ratio(S/N):≥70dB



•Shutter: 1/60s- 1/10,000s

•Video outputs:2xBNC,2xY/C

•User settings:Five user settings (A-B-C-D-E)

•Operating temperature: -10°C-46°C

•CCD Head:


•CCD cable: >3m


•Size:335x 100x340(WxHxL)

•Safety standard: IEC601-1

•Power supply: AC110-240V, 50/60HZ

•Fuses:φ5x20mm 250V 2A

Standard Equipped:

•1 x CCD head with C-Mount-28S                           •1 x CCU

•1 x BNC cable                                                        •1 x Y/C cable

•1 x Power cable

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