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CITEC™ Q’7515 LED Cold Light Source
CITEC™ Q’7515 LED Cold Light Source

CITEC™ Q’7515 LED Cold Light Source

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CITEC™ Q’7515 LED Cold Light Source, LED Cold Light Source, Endoscopy System, Surgical Endoscope System


The unit built-in LED bulb, the high energy conservation,no more than 30dB(A) airborne noise, four times quieter than other traditional products, the long life cycle (>50000 hours); The color temperature of approx. 6500K corresponds to sunlight. The cold light source yields a particularly brilliant aperture illumination and colour rendition, providing an unparalleled lighting condition.

Technical Data:

•Power supply:AC110-240V,50/60HZ

•Max.power consumption:approx.100W

•Fuses:Φ5x20mm 250V 2A

•Safety standard:IEC601-1

•Bulbs:30W to 100W LED bulb

•Color temp:approx.6500K

•Illumination(from 2.5m light cable):800.000Lx

•Life cycle of bulb:approx.50,000h

•Storage temp:-15ºC to +50ºC

•Operating temp:0ºC to 45ºC

•Relative humidity:30% to 90%

•Safety type:I/B


•N.W.of unit:6.5kg

According to the test setup by the manufacturer,service life may be shorter when used under unfavorable conditions(e.g.many ON/OFF cycles)

Standard Equipped:

•Light source main unit

•Fiber optic light cable

•Power cable

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