CITEC™ Polymer Clip Appliers
CITEC™ Polymer Clip Appliers

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CITEC™ Polymer Clip Appliers

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+ Detachable and non-detachable,two options offered.

Both styles with flushable shaft for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Matte finish shaft, avoid the reflect light in procedure.

Color coded size for easy identification.

Compatible with corresponding sizes of ligating clips.

Different angle jaws available, facilitate firm clip application and better access in the most difficult procedures and position.

Wide product range used in both Laparoscopic and open surgery.

Product NameSpecificationClip SizeRotator ColorRef. Code No.
Polymer Clip Applier10mm x 330mmXLYellowLC-LA-01
10mm x 330mmLPurpleLC-LA-02
5mm x 330mmMLGreenLC-LA-03
Polymer Clip Applier
  Detachable in 2 parts 
10mm x 330mmXLYellowLC-LA-01-2
10mm x 330mmLPurpleLC-LA-02-2
5mm x 330mmMLGreenLC-LA-03-2