CITEC™ Titanium Clips
CITEC™ Titanium Clips

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CITEC™ Titanium Clips

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+ V-shaped,four standard sizes available.

Made of pure titanium,no tissue reaction or adhesion with excellent biocompatibility.

Clips delivered in color-coded cartridges for easy identification.

Product NameSpecificationColor of CartridgeRef. Code No.Pcs/cartridgeCartridges/box
Titanium Clips SmallBlue        TC-100620
MediumWhite       TC-200620
Medium-LargeGreen       TC-300620
LargeYellow       TC-400620
Small Size Cartridge Set A(4 Cartridges)Blue (Bottom of Set is Plastic Holder )TCA-100-246 x 4 
Medium Size Cartridge Set A(4 Cartridges)White (Bottom of Set is Plastic Holder )TCA-200-246 x 4 
 Small Size Cartridge Set B(4 Cartridges)Blue (Bottom of Set is Adhesive Tape)TCB-100-246 x 4 
Medium Size Cartridge Set B(4 Cartridges)White (Bottom of Set is Adhesive Tape)TCB-200-246 x 4