CITEC™ AW Channel Cleaning Adapter and Suction Cleaning Adapter

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CITEC™ AW Channel Cleaning Adapter and Suction Cleaning Adapter

Product Details

Intended use:

AW Channel Cleaning Adapter is attached to the air/water cylinder of the endoscope, used for the air water channel pre-cleaning after the procedure. 

Suction Cleaning Adapter is used to aspirate reprocessing fluids through the instrument channel port of the endoscope.


  1. Bedside cleaning directly after the procedure, preventing the formation of biofilm. 

  2. Single use only, eliminate manual cleaning and reprocessing of the reusable adapters.  

  3. Adapters come packaged in a set for ease of use, Single adapter is also available.

  4. Particular Yellow &Black color appearance and warning tag to eliminate misuse during endoscopic procedure. 

  5. Compatible with Olympus® Endoscope 140/160/180/190/240/260/290 Series.

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CIT-AW-001AW Channel Cleaning    Adapter, Non-sterile100
CIT-BC-001 Suction Cleaning Adapter, 0.5 Meter Length    Tube, Non-sterile25
CIT-BC-001-EXExtended Suction Cleaning Adapter, 1.0    Meter Length Tube, Non-sterile25
CIT-AK-1Kit: AW Channel Cleaning Adapter +    Suction Cleaning Adapter, Non-sterile25
CIT-AK-1-EXKit: AW Channel Cleaning Adapter +    Extended Suction Cleaning Adapter, Non-sterile25
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