CITEC™ Disposable Biopsy Valve

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CITEC™ Disposable Biopsy Valve

Product Details

Accessories for Endoscopic Surgery.

Single use only, minimize the risk of cross-infection between patients.

Eliminate the need for manual cleaning and reprocessing. 

Smooth instrument insertion through the cut on the valve cap. 

Firmly fit with the instrument port channel ensure no leakage. 

Available in sterile biopsy valve option for procedures when sterility is preferred.

Product code



CIT-BV-A1Disposable, for Olympus & Fujifilm Endoscopes, Non-sterile


CIT-BV-A3Disposable, for Olympus & Fujifilm Endoscopes, Sterile


CIT-BV-B1Disposable, for Pentax 90 and i10 Series Endoscopes, Non-sterile100
CIT-BV-B3Disposable, for Pentax 90 and i10 Series Endoscopes, Sterile100
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