During colonoscopy or esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD), clinicians often use a water bottle to supply irrigation for the procedure. Clinicians typically use a single water bottle for multiple patients without reprocessing the water bottle between patients. This practice raises the risk of cross-contamination between patients, because the water bottle and associated tubing/connectors an become contaminated with blood,1 stool,2 or other patient fluids3 that travel back through the endoscope channels and tubing.

For auxiliary water channels with external valves, any device that is directly connected to the auxiliary water inlet (up to and including the backflow-prevention valve in the fluid pathway) should be considered part of the distal irrigation system and thus contaminated, and should be reprocessed or replaced after every patient use.

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Water Jet Connector

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Water Jet Connector
Water Jet Connector
Water Jet Connector

The Water Jet Connector is used in conjunction with irrigation tubing (tubing and accessories to accommodate various endoscopes and irrigation pumps) and is intended to provide irrigation via sterile water supply during GI endoscopic procedures when used in conjunction with an irrigation pump.

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Product Details

 Water jet connector for Olympus Endoscope


Single use, eliminate the work burden of reprocessing. 

No lubricant on the valve to interfere the procedure or obstruct the view. 

Water jet connector(CIT-WJC-241) with metal threading design, to minimize potential to cross thread and avoid leakage.

Valve comes packaged in sterile pouch for ease use. 

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Water jet connector for Olympus Endoscope(Metal Insert)



Water jet connector for Pentax 90 Series Endoscope



Water jet connector for Fujifilm Endoscope

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